The Institute for Danube Swabian History and Regional Studies is a center of expertise and competence for the history and culture of the southeast of Europe in general and for Danube Swabian topics in particular. One of its responsibilities is to secure and store archival materials and to make them available to researchers and to the broader public.  

The Archive supports the scientific activities of the Institute. It houses and collects documents, which enable research to be conducted and knowledge to be disseminated. 

The archival holdings, which include both written material, as well as maps and audio-visual material, largely originate from private individuals (personal estates or so-called “Nachlässe”), as well as from various organizations and associations. They allow a source-based engagement with Danube Swabian history in its southeast European and German contexts, but also beyond. The three key terms informing the research conducted at the Institute, “migrations”, “minorities”, and “memories”, are mirrored in its archival records.

The team of the Archive is constantly striving to manage the holdings professionally (sorting, classifying, compiling finding aids etc.) and thus to make them available to users. It collects relevant material and responds to inquiries in this respect.

The ongoing activities of the Archive towards identifying, collecting, and opening sources, as well as the research conducted at the Institute, are meant to strengthen its role as a significant scholarly institution dealing with the southeast of Europe in both Baden-Württemberg and Germany, as well as at the international level. The Archive is thus an important point of reference for scholars and all those interested in Danube Swabian and Southeast European topics.

The archival holdings are structured as follows:

  1. Private Papers
  2. Organizations and Associations
  3. Collections
  4. Visual Archive

The archive is currently in a process of reorganization. Prior contact is necessary in order to use its holdings. Please get in touch for an appointment at least a week in advance.



Dr. habil. Mathias Beer

Dr. Cristian Cercel



Ongoing indexing of the holdings

The focus of the AIdGL's activities is the professional indexing and improvement of the accessibility of archival sources for research, teaching and the public. The recently completed or ongoing internal cooperation projects based on the archival material of the AIdGL (Fließende Räume, Hatzfeld, Kulturhauptstädte, DiFMOE-Kooperation) prove the research relevance of the AIdGL as well as the necessity of its comprehensive cataloguing. For this purpose, we use the user- and research-friendly archive software Augias.



Beer, Mathias

Das Archiv des Instituts für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde. Entstehung - Bestände – Nutzung. In: Der Archivar. Mitteilungsblatt für deutsches Archivwesen 51 (1998), Sp. 679-683.